About Us

SCALP MONTREAL 3D TECHNICIAN SAKO has been working in the hair and Scalp Industry for over 7 years. Specializing in Scalp Micropigmentation.

Montreal Scalp Micropigmentation 3d is quickly becoming the must-have solution for those suffering from thinning and receding hair. Having your SMP treatment at Scalp Montreal ensures you will receive a highly personalized, artistic, and discreet service that gives you back the look of full short-cropped hair.

Montreal Scalp Micropigmentation 3d has been renowned all across Canada mainly because of the professional Technician Sako, who has perfected the 3D Montreal Scalp Micropigmentation technique.

We are able to restore your hairline, fill in bald areas, add density throughout remaining hair, erase the horseshoe (typical bald patch in back of head), and camouflage scarring by carefully replicating tiny hair follicles with specialized pigment.

Our Mission is in making sure that you receive the best treatment at the most Competitive Pricing.

“Once I’ve completed a client’s treatment, the most rewarding gift is the feeling of seeing how much I’ve changed their life for the better, and the confidence they get right away,” shares Sako. “I don’t consider it work or a job or even a career, but more of as my passion, my art, and an opportunity to meet and spend time with amazing people.